“I came to Omega Rehab because I broke my ankle in 3 places. I had surgery and was in Stonebrook for 6 weeks. I had home therapy and for the last 4 months I have been coming to Omega. I was very lucky because this place is great to recuperate and the staff and therapists were fantastic. I would recommend this place for anyone that has had ankle surgery.”

Julia GLand Therapy

“Both of my knees are bone-on-bone. I could hardly bend them. Once I started my therapy I noticed a BIG improvement. Alana working with me helped me so much. She was so patient as was Ben. I had the best working with me. Everyone is so pleasant and so nice. I would recommend your company to anyone who would need water therapy. What a great group, from the girl who booked my schedule to your therapists – thank you so much.”

Betty CAquatic Physical Therapy

“When I came to Omega, I had been in severed pain with a heel spur and plantar fasciitis for over a year.  My podiatrist and orthotics had not helped me. I was so depressed, I had gained weight from lack of exercise and had given up hope of getting back to a normal life. This was my last resort. The entire staff here is fantastic. My therapist is amazing. He was positive and enthusiastic. I noticed improvement in a few short weeks and continued to improve such that I am now almost completely pain free. Best of all I am back to my old exercise routine and am able to hike and camp and enjoy life again. Thank you Omega! ROCK ON!!!”

Annie TLand Therapy

“I feel I have gained a lot working with the Omega team. I’ve gained a log of range of motion, especially in my left leg, the leg that has the hip dislocation. My therapist was an invaluable part of my success here with Omega therapy. She will truly be missed.”

Jenny TAquatic Physical Therapy

“This has been a great experience. My therapist is wonderful and has found all the places that hurt. Thanairie is a very skilled assistant and has helped me to be able to do exercises at home on my own. Barkha is the best – the pain I have experienced, it is under control. My range of motion has improved considerably. All together it has been a very positive experience! The exercises I do at home have also helped.”

Nancy GLand Therapy

“I have had problems with my lower back for years and a stroke 4 years ago left me with nerve damage in my fingers and feet. Sometime later I lost the feeling in my hands and feet and I discovered I had diabetes. After 20 visits with my therapist I can feel my feet and move my toes. I have gained much of my balance back. I can step up on my left leg for the first time in 10 years. I will be using the exercises my therapist taught me as I start on my own at the Timpany Center. Thank you so much for helping me.”

Joe TAquatic Physical Therapy

“My therapist is a genius. She is a scientist as well as a motivator. She always lets you know how you are doing and what you need to do to continue. She is a total professional. I recommend her highly. I could barely walk when we started…now I don’t even use a walker!”

Cher FLand Therapy

“My experience with Omega has been eye opening. I found muscles I didn’t know I had and learned how to strengthen and use them. My therapists were great. Their instructions were clear and they willingly answered my questions. In comparison to other physical therapists I’ve had they were above and beyond. The office personnel were always helpful and pleasant. It was always a pleasure to hear the Front Desk staff’s voice bright and cheerful when I called. I have told my doctors about my experience with Omega and would gladly give a recommendation anytime.”

Cherish WAquatic Physical Therapy

“I came in for lower back pain and saw a huge improvement in the way I felt. I thought my recovery was going to take much longer, but with the support and patience Ayesha had, I was back to normal even quicker than expected. She is the best Physical Therapist I’ve had!! I couldn’t be more grateful they have all done form me! If I ever get other injuries I will definitely be coming back here!! Thank you!!”

Christine SLand Therapy

“When I came to Omega Sports Rehabilitation my pain level was a high 8. With therapy my pain level has dropped to a 4 and sometimes there is no pain at all. They quickly diagnosed that my lower back pain was caused by weak core muscles. I was pleased with my progress that I enrolled at the Timpany Center when my prescription expired. Omega has allowed me to use their equipment as I continue to do the exercises my therapists taught me. I highly recommend Omega Sports Rehabilitation.”

John CAquatic Physical Therapy

“Very happy to gain range of motion on my left arm back. Hope to be able to come back after the surgery for more improvement.”

Valentine BLand Therapy

“I’ve had back surgery, neck surgery and 4 shoulder surgeries. Aquatic therapy has been the best therapy for all parts of me. I feel stronger and know I can continue the work on my own. My therapist is amazing. Thank you to Omega staff for making my therapy fun as well as fruitful.”

Tess SAquatic Physical Therapy